Raven Roxanne shot for  Four Magazine

Raven Roxanne shot for Four Magazine


The Secret Catalog Kid's edition, 2017 (here and here)

Imbibe Magazine January/February 2017 - cover and four pages on Methodical Coffee

Alphabet Family Journal - Four pages and five hundred words entitled 'Abundance' for Issue A of Alphabet Family Journal. 

Furniture Makes the Room - Hardcover, by Chronicle Books. Photography for Barb Blair of Knack Studios, 2015. 

Simply Styling - Hardcover, by Sterling Publishers. Photography for Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove, 2016. 

UO Guide to Athens - Printed handout created in collaboration with writer Alyssa DeHayes for the opening of Urban Outfitter's Athens location.

Emotion Magazine - Three photographs for the German monthly women's magazine, December 2015 issue.

Trouvé Magazine Volume 04 - Cover, and Show Me Your Hands, a 19-page feature of three creatives for the Process Issue.

Trouvé Magazine Volume 02 - Adding Layers, a 10-page feature of artist Deann Hebert.

Trouvé Magazine Volume 01 - Cover, A Day in the Life, Alchemy of Home, featuring the home of artist Michelle Armas, and Fresh Starts. 

Messer - Hardcover, by TEUBNER. Two photographs of the Bloodroot Blades fellows. 

Four Magazine No. 2: Spring MMXIII - Lost in Artistic Space with Michelle Armas

Four Magazine No. 4: Spring MMXIV - And the Yellow Brick Road Was Actually Thirty Shades of Gold

Four Magazine No. 5: Fall MMXIV - Young, Fresh, and Relevant


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